|arrhythmia|arrhythmia|heart arrhythmia|cardiac arrhythmias Safety and practicality are important features associated with cryotherapy in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. cryotherapy offers electrophysiologists the ability to test potential ablation sites accurately by inducing a reversible electrical and thermal effect. CryoTherapy procedures also offer increased site precision through CryoAdhesion. It produces well-demarcated cryolesions that heal quickly. Tissue immediately adjacent to a cryolesion demonstrates normal electrical activation. There is also a reduced risk of perforation with cryotherapy. Pre-clinical studies have demonstrated minimal endothelial disruption and thrombus.

Cryotherapy (which includes ice pack therapy that is used for the application of an ice pack - typically a plastic bag filled with ice) is commonly used to treat pain conditions. Most forms of cryotherapy used as passive physical modalities of the management and rehabilitation of both acute and persistent pain conditions, provide transfer of thermal energy by conduction, with the exception of vapocoolant sprays and whirlpool baths.In cryotherapy, a probe is inserted into the tissue next to the affected nerve. Cryotherapy offers an alternative treatment option. Cryotherapy is associated with thermal reversibility and precision when working around the AV node.

At CryoCath, we are proud to be the world leader in creating minimally invasive, catheter-based CryoTherapy products to treat cardiovascular disease.In addition to delivering percutaneous CryoTherapy tools to electrophysiologists, we offer new CryoAblation tools to cardiac surgeons, and are also developing other interventional cardiovascular products. Thousands of people in the U.S., Canada and Europe who had been suffering from arrhythmia have been successfully treated with CryoTherapy.

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