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Customer Service

At Medtronic CryoCath, we treat customers with the same attention and respect we would expect to be treated with. Medtronic CryoCath means elegant products and excellent service. Our service excellence extends to all levels of the company, from our reps and clinical specialists to our tech support and customer service staff.

Active and knowledgeable representatives

Do you have questions about our CryoTherapy systems and related services? Our highly qualified representatives can answer them. And if it's a question they don't have an immediate answer for, they will find the answer promptly for you.

Our Clinical Specialists are there from the word go

With their high level of training and vast knowledge of CryoTherapy, our Clinical Specialists work with physicians and answer any questions they may have regarding the use of CryoTherapy to treat arrhythmias.

Technical Support representatives

Our technical support staff provide the engineering, troubleshooting and maintenance solutions to ensure that your Medtronic CryoCatheter systems run efficiently and effectively. From anywhere in North America call toll-free 877 GO4 CRYO (464 2796) or 1 514 694 2775 worldwide.

Customer Service representatives

Our customer service reps are informed and proactive. From anywhere in North America call toll-free 888 843 8301 or 1 514 694 2775 worldwide for answers to questions and solutions to problems.