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Arctic Front® and FlexCath®

Simplifying Pulmonary Vein Isolation Procedures

The Arctic Front® catheter was designed to simplify the ablation of pulmonary veins and reduce procedural time in the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The balloon’s shape allows for simple anatomical placement of the balloon in the antrum or at the ostium of the targeted pulmonary vein. The innovative balloon design ablates where the balloon is in contact with tissue. The catheter features both an outer and an inner balloon for enhanced safety.

Access via Transseptal Approach

The Arctic Front® catheter is delivered to the left atrium via the FlexCath® Steerable Sheath. The procedure consists of wiring the target vein with a 0.035-inch-compatible guide wire. The catheter is deployed in the left atrium and inflated before being advanced toward the wired vein.

Using Cryo Energy for PV Procedures

Pre-clinical and clinical results of cryoablation suggest that cryothermal energy reduces the risk of pulmonary vein stenosis, thrombosis, esophageal perforation, and permanent phrenic nerve damage.

Arctic Front® Features

  • Two balloon diameters: 23 mm and 28 mm
  • Double balloon safety system
  • Bi-directional deflection (45 degrees maximum)
  • Compatible with 12F FlexCath® Steerable Sheath
  • 102 cm working length

FlexCath® Features

  • Uni-directional deflection (135 degrees maximum)
  • 5 cm reach at 90 degrees deflection
  • 65 cm usable length (80 cm with handle)
  • 12F Inner diameter, 15F outer diameter
  • Includes a dilator
  • Dilator is compatible with a 0.035-inch guide wire (not included)

Using Arctic Front®

The Arctic Front® Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter is designed for the treatment of patients suffering from paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF). Adjunct devices such as Freezor® MAX can be used with Arctic Front® in the treatment of PAF. For detailed safety and usage information, please consult the Arctic Front® Instructions for Use (IFU).